People you don’t expect to come to your door during the Shelter in Place order

By Tyler Sikov


  1.   A Door to Door salesman
  2.   Dr. Anthony Fauci
  3.   A Birthday Clown
  4.   Christmas Carolers
  5.   A Bear
  6.   Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
  7.   Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev holding a brick
  8.   Margret Thatcher
  9.   Woodrow Wilson with 14 pencils
  10.   Henry VIII with a very smelly mystery basket
  11.   Captain Ernst August Lehmann in a Led Zeppelin shirt
  12.   John Mulaney and Princess Diana
  13.   The Zodiac Killer
  14.   Carl Jung and his shadow
  15.   Gavrilo Princip
  16.   Ivan trying to not be Terrible
  17.   Alexander the OK
  18.   Genghis Khan and his 4 sons
  19.   The real-life versions of the Disney Princesses
  20.   All of the Pittiful News writers


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