How did YOU spend your V-Day?


By the writers of The Pittiful News

So we all had Valentine’s Days. And they were pretty good days. Let’s play a game so you can engage with our good days – match the Valentine’s Day to the Pittiful News writer!

1.     I think my boyfriend fed me old fish.

2.     I had 2 Portuguese chicken sandwiches. With sauce!

3.     I divorced my husband.

4.     Three men made me dinner and I didn’t know any of them.

5.     My boyfriend and I went to a nice restaurant. And he gave me like a nice balloon and flowers and stuff?

6.     I played chess against a computer and I lost and I ate Zach’s pickle with a bunch of salami.

7.     I made gingerbread cookies but they were really shitty and they gave me the toots ☹.

8.     I gave a flower to the most important woman in my life – my mom.

9.     I tipped my Uber driver twice.

10.  My husband divorced me.






Jeff (Goldblum, honorary member)





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