Jeremiah Got a Crowbar and Everyone are Pissed

By Michael Calhoun1542931-young-man-in-overalls-holding-a-crowbar-isolated

Local pariah Jeremiah Von Blooshickel is up to his old antics. Ever since his infamous loss of his position as the Mayor of Pittsburgh due to his proposal to abolish Tuesdays, he has slowly descended into the pits of madness. He spends his days gallavanting about Oakland, raising hullabaloo left and right, and now he has a new tool at his disposal: a crowbar.

Mann Ganderson, a resident of Bellefield avenue expressed his frustration. “Every day we see him, beating the stop sign outside our house while screaming ‘I’m the mayor! I’m the mayor!’ or ‘Its the worst day of the week!’ for hours. We’ve called the police on him several times but somehow he always escapes,” Ganderson said.

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