Daughter Reject Daddy’s Invitation

By Holly Stavarski

https://i1.wp.com/awsimx.fathermag.com/daughter/father_daughter_8653512_XS_424x283.jpgRichard Dwyer had been planning this day for months. With the Daddy-Daughter Dance quickly approaching, he knew had to make the perfect proposal. He had a prepared a series of clues that led his “little princess” to a horse drawn carriage, where she was blindfolded and escorted to small rustic farmhouse that he had reserved and carefully decorated in pinks and purples. A trail of puppies led the “sweet angel of his life” to the backyard, where the self-proclaimed father of the year was kneeling. Once his “beautiful darling baby” took off her blindfold, he proposed.

“Will you go to the Daddy-Daughter Dance with me?”

He never imagined what would come next. Lily Dwyer, the five-year-old “dear light” of Richard’s life didn’t hesitate.


The film crew that Richard hired to capture this sweet moment watched as Richard’s spirit shattered.

Lily giggled as her father fell apart.

“Daddy! You are silly!” she laughed as Richard, now a shell of a human being, was wailing and rolling on the ground.

“I thought my life was over. The only girl I have ever loved was rejecting me as I was on my knees,” a still sobbing Richard recalls after he was able to regain some semblance of humanity. 

“I thought to the future when I am supposed to be walking her down the aisle, and saw her slapping my hand away. I thought of all the scrapbooks of important memories we were to share together going to waste. In that moment, she was not my perfect pretty porcelain cherub any more.”

When asked why she did not want to go to the Daddy-Daughter Dance with her father, she responded,

“The Daddy Daughter Dance isn’t for six more months. I like Tommy, from across the street’s dad better and I don’t want to settle too early and not have any options.”

When asked to comment, Bryan Rosen, Tommy from across the street’s dad, stated that he is in no way involved.

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