Celebrity Baby Names

By Jessica Simpson

This coveted list of emerging baby names was sent to us from 2020.  If by chance you have a list of names you are entertaining for your future nonexistent children, feel free to add one or two of these to your personal list.  

  1. “Quinoa” spelled phonetically (Keen-wa).
  2. Any nail polish name.
  3. “David Bowie Too”
  4. “Mop” – It arouses the hipster in of you that objects to Swiffers.
  5. “Sorry”- For the Beliebers, the overly apologetic, or the accidental mothers
  6. “Guac” – If you are a disguised Avocado aficionado
  7. “Tampon” – For the Bleeding Love and Kotex enthusiasts.  
  8. “SleepNumber” – Parents who are honest about the real conception location
  9. “R2-D2” – For rebel Star Wars fans
  10. “Twit” – Short for Twitter, easy to rhyme, and soon it will be trending
  11. “K” – The Kardashian-Jenner influence cemented in one letter
  12. “G-Neut” – The abbreviated way to spell gender neutral

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