Fun and Flirty Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Ate Your Twin in the Womb

By Sharon George

Get him a nesting doll with a card that reads “same.”

Is he a history buff? Well then he’ll love this culturally significant gift! Historical facts are always a good conversation starter, and he’ll love your story about how you absorbed the corpse of your dead twin.

Make it sexy!

Eating your sibling doesn’t have to sound so drab! Pour some wine, and cheer him up by saying “it’s kind of like a three-way” every time.

Throw a party!

Who said Jager bombs can’t be metaphors?

Make him laugh!

This is a total gotcha moment! Draw the blinds, lock the doors, drop the “Requiem for a Dream” Soundtrack, and get ready for the performance of your life. As soon as you start trembling in your seat, choking back sobs, he’s bound to ask you what’s up! Look into the distance and whisper, “I killed someone”. He’ll be so surprised when he learns that it was completely legal!

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