14 Secretly Jewish Celebrity Revealed

By Mike Citrola (is Jewish)

The longstanding rumor that Jews control the media has steadily declined over the years, but The Pittiful News recently uncovered new evidence of many A-list celebs faking gentile.
Here is the exclusive list of media elite with their true, chosen names.

  1. Yom Kipportia di Rossi
  2. John Hammantashen
  3. Haftara Reid
  4. Maria Shana Tova
  5. Gary Old-testa-man
  6. Sukkota Fanning
  7. Shmuelle Fanning
  8. Menorah Jones
  9. Dr. Dreidel
  10. Gephilte Collins
  11. Dame Jewdy Mensch
  12. Carlie Rye Jepsen
  13. Jewish Bale
  14. Whoopi Goldberg

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