Local Man Accidentally Brings Scented Candle to Vigil

Embarrassed, humiliated, aromatic, local man, Daniel Tomak, expressed deep regret to all those at the vigil wake for invigorating the somber occasion with his Bahama Breeze Yankee Candle. Witnesses at the event reported feeling very saddened by the community’s loss, then, all of a sudden, remarkably delighted by the familiar scent of a tropical zephyr dancing on the tips of the group’s collective noses.

This dissonance did not go unnoticed by the residing pastor at the wake, Father Timothy Sullivan, who noted, “Yes, it certainly was a terrible loss. Flickering light spotted the community gardens as I led the congregation through a group prayer and moment of silence, but good gosh, this idiot in the front row lights up a candle that sends this bubbly citrus fume through the whole gathering. Everybody starts sniffling and smiling, no longer meditating on the pains of regret, but instead reveling in the aroma of cheap fruit cocktails.”

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